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Sunday, February 3, 2013


So I haven't exactly been writing much. Oven been swamped with my job, school and adjusting to being back home. It's been a rough road but I think it's finally starting to smooth out. I've been struggling with organization and lonliness. I miss my best friend and being cramed into a tiny little apartment with six people can be very overwhelming. I feel like there is no where for me to have a space of my own therefore everything is everywhere and I feel very VERY unorganized. It stresses me out. Hopefully soon well be getting into a house and I can have my own room again. Juggling a full time job and going to school full time is deffinently not as easy as I thought it was going to be. My schedule at work is different every week so it's hard for me to really get into a good routine and I end up waiting till the last minute to do all my homework (which I'm still not completely catched up with). I've also been having doubts about being here. A part of me wants to move back to Lake Charles to my friends but then I also want to stay here with my momma. Like I said its been a pretty rough adjustment. I flew to Lake Charles a couple weekends ago for sweet Carter's 2nd birthday. I came back feeling much better than I had been in a while. Now we're planning a second trip there probably around spring break. February is a month chock full of birthdays. Today was my dear friend Matt's birthday. I had meant to send him a birthday gift but completely forgot through everything that's been going on lately. I'm going to get one there though. Better late than never, right? The good news though is that I have stopped biting my nails since January 1st! I'm so proud, I feel like I can overcome so much now! Well I'm off to bed 8am comes early these days.

Friday, December 28, 2012

To Reevaluate

As the year comes to an end ive been doing alot of thinking about what my goals are for next year, where I expect to go with my blog and how I can make myself a better person. For so long all I could see was December 21, 2012. Nothing past it. Now that were past it, its like opening a new door. What kind of person do I want to be? What goals would I like to accomplish by this time next year? what long term goals do I have? These are the questions that have been running through my head.

Accomplishing goals are very important. They give you a sort of power, like you can do anything you set your mind too, of course thats always true, but, accomplishing something gives you that extra push.

By this time next year...
- Be at a healthy weight
- Stop biting my nails
- Learn how to sew
- Complete two semesters of college with a high average
- Save at least 1000
- Become a vegetarian
- Read at least 12 Classic novels
- Pay off my two credit cards

Being the best person I can be is something I strive for. Just this past month I was baptised. I want to be closer to God, I want to be at peace with myself, and I want to help those who are in need.

By this time next year...
- Read the bible everyday
- Volunteer my time to those in need
- Join a charity; Possibly sponsor a child
- Talk with God more
- Always be kind to others
- Develop a Gratitude/ Devotional journal

Long term goals are good because when one has been accomplished it gives you this huge feeling of success. Its feels good to complete something youve work so hard for.

Long Term goals to work towards this year...
- Find a mission trip to Africa and start saving for it
- Complete my basic studies debt free
-  Stay with Starbucks my whole college chapter
- Develop a healthy lifestyle
- Work towards finding a healthy long term relationship

Developing a blog has always been something I wanted to do. I want to inspire others to do good in the world. If one blog post could just change one person just a tiny bit for the better then I would be satisfied.

What I want my blog to become...
- Documenting my journey to becoming a better person
- Blog more often
- Write more inspirational posts
- Do some crafty tutorials

2012 has brought many travels, many new oppurtunitys, many fails and many successes.

Some big moments In 2012...
- I was baptised
- I found God
- I traveled to San Francisco, Memphis, New Orleans & Shreveport.
- Moved from Louisiana to Texas
- Searched for love & failed
- Had the WORST waitress job EVER
- Discovered AFRICA and educated myself on KONY
- Started two of the most amazing jobs (working to help the disabled & Starbucks)
- Discovered a love for photography
- Learned compassion

Thursday, November 15, 2012

From LC to DFW

(I Love Dallas Print on Etsy)

Im finally here! I made it back to Dallas a little over a week ago. Ive been unloading, organizing and job hunting ever since i made it back. Its been exhausting but hopefully ive found me a job! Fingers crossed. I left Lake Charles around 7am and luckily for most of the trip there werent too many cars out. My car was packed full, too full! I was squeezing and shoving and rearranging everything to try to fit all that I had. Of course it wasnt till after i was on the road that I though "ohhh I should have rented a Uhaul Trailor". Good ideas always come too late. The apartment is really cute! Im happy the apartment people tried to spice it up a bit with beige walls. Makes it feel warm and cozy.

What I Packed For Traveling

1. Ipad 2 with Vera Bradley Tablet Folio in Island Blooms - I love this case its really sturdy and it has protected my Ipad from everything...so far :)

2. Favorite Cds: Ellie Goulding (Lights), The Lumineers (The Lumineers), Mumford and Sons (Sigh No More), Mumford and Sons (Babel), Two Door Cinema Club (Beacon), and Lana Del Rey (Born To Die).

3. Lilly Pulitzer Notebooks in Dirty Shirley and Scarlet Begonia - Im always writing stuff down so I always feel like I need cute notebooks (i have an addiction).

4. Im currently reading The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin so I put it in my travel bag so I can easily locate it once im home.

5. I like to reapply my Mascara and Lipstick throught the day so I tucked in my MAC Lipstick in Freckletone and my MAC Zoom Lash Mascara in Zoomblack.

6. While I was in Louisiana I was using The Vera Bradley 2013 Agenda in Va Va Bloom but since ive been back home ive started using The Lilly Pulitzer 2013 Agenda in See You Later.

7. I keep my credit cards and my cash in my Fossil Maddox Multifunction Wallet.

8. I couldnt go anywhere without my handy dandy Iphone 4, Ive since then put a Lilly Pulitzer Iphone Case in See You Later on it.

9. I carried all my stuff in my favorite Victoria Secret backpack its really roomy and really sturdy and it can easily be washed.
Goodbye Lake Charles

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mama, I'm Coming Home.

I've had a huge weight on my shoulders these past couple of weeks. Big decisions to make. Questions to myself that I had no answers for. Today that weight has been lifted, decisions have been made, but answers have still not been given. It's official, I'm moving back home to Dallas. A place I love and a place I hate. In a way I'm grateful to be moving back, I am a proud Texan after all, but, I also love Louisiana. I love the crawfish and the culture, I'm in love with New Orleans and its history, I'm smitten by the beauty of Oak Alley, the swamps bring to me a sweet serenity but I feel as though a part of me is being set free. I've learned so much about myself here, I've grown into someone who I'm proud of and I hope I carry that with me back home. In a silly way I made that big decision after coming across a quote I instantly fell in love with:

" You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy."

I realized I have nothing here for me. If anything I'm weighing myself down chasing after what I don't know. Love? A good job? Family? Education? Friendship? I'm confused all the time, I feel like nothing is permanent here. There is so much more Texas can offer me that I can't seem to find here. I can grow even more there! I can spread my wings and fly! As crazy as it sounds maybe Texas is where I'm suppose to belong. But like they say, "everything happens for a reason". There's a good reason why I've spent these past three years in Louisiana. Lessons that had to be taught, people that I had to meet, and mistakes that had to be made. Everything works out like its suppose to in the end and then you turn the page and you begin the next chapter. I'm more than ready for this next stage in my life, and to see what the future has in store for me. And what better way to document this journey then a fresh blog!

Have you ever wanted to cherish every last moment spent somewhere? Whether you we're moving or traveling, what did you spend those last couple of weeks or days doing to make those memories memorable?